Personal Insurances

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Life Insurance

With life insurance, the life you’re really insuring is everyone else’s! Life insurance that pays out upon death is to all intents and purposes death cover. While you won’t be around to enjoy any benefit, your family will and that’s why it’s important to have some kind of cover. As the major breadwinner, who would look after your family when you die? Do you really want to be beholden to someone else to look after your family? What if they need to go on welfare?

Income Protection Insurance

While life cover will look after your family when you die, what happens if you can’t work because of illness or an accident and it’s going to take months to recover? Or maybe you can never work again and you’ve got school fees to pay, food to buy and a mortgage hanging over your head.

This is when you need income protection insurance, otherwise known as disability insurance. It’s estimated that you will earn something like $4 million dollars over your working life, so it would be fair to say that your income needs protecting a lot more than your home and your car. This is even more so given that at the age of 35 you are ten times more likely to be disabled than die.

Trauma Insurance

If you’re diagnosed with a critical illness or crisis, trauma insurance can relieve your financial difficulties. Unlike income protection insurance, which is dependent on your inability to work, trauma cover is paid out on the diagnosis of a defined critical illness regardless of your working status.

Instead of receiving a monthly income stream, you are paid a lump sum that you can spend on whatever you like, such as; medical bills, your mortgage, an overseas trip, even a new car. The insurance company makes no demands on how you spend the money. Trauma insurance is often an adjunct to term life policies.